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IT Audit & Advisory services

For most if not all organizations, IT (Information Technology) is a key driver for achieving business objectives. New technologies and IT new business models, such as Cloud Computing, Outsourcing, Bring Your Own Device, but also ‘simpler’ developments like automating existing manual processes, data conversions and upgrading existing systems contribute to the organization’s objectives but also bring new risks or increase existing risks.

With our IT Audit & Advisory services we support you in managing the IT risks effectively and efficiently.

We perform an independent assessment of the risks and controls related to your IT organization and supporting processes and provide actionable recommendations for improvements.

Starting point in our approach is to understand the business challenges related to IT. Examples of questions that will facilitate this process are:

  • Are the users satisfied with the quality of IT and IT services?
  • Are you aware of all (relevant) IT risks and are you managing these adequately?
  • Are you managing the IT costs properly and are you spending the IT budget adequately?
  • How dependent are you on IT and do you have sufficient and adequate back-up and contingency plans?

The answers on these questions will be translated to IT related objectives which will subsequently be assessed.